Numerous opportunities for further
education and qualification

Since 1995 we have specialized in providing and placing professionals in the technical-commercial sector. You will find detailed information on the individual specialization and professional groups under the menu item Specializations.

We support your personnel planning with consulting and implementation.

Your individual business objectives and operational requirements are the absolute benchmark for this. Place your trust in us in the sensitive area of human resources. Our high quality standards have already made us a long-standing partner to many well-known German and international companies.

We have the necessary know-how to make a full success of your personnel planning!

Our range of services

In the context of temporary work Creativ Personaldienstleistungen offers many benefits, including:


  • Optimal bridging of short-term personnel gaps
  • Long-term optimization of your personnel planning
  • Staffing new contracts quickly
  • Specialist staff of various qualifications (also from a nationwide applicant pool)
  • No employer risk
  • Elimination of recruitment and administration tasks

From our local branch office specially trained personnel of Creativ Personaldienstleistungen professionally supervise our employees working at your company premises. These contact partners are regularly at your disposal to meet your individual requirements at all times and at short notice when required. We can also offer an in-house service at your premises with the appropriate number of employees. The on-site office set up in your company plans, monitors and manages the operations directly on the spot.

Both employers and employees benefit equally from this particular form of "trial phase". After 9 months, a temporary placement can be converted over into a fixed position without any additional effort.

Your benefits

  • Savings on insertion costs
  • No time-consuming appointments and interviews
  • No reply to or return of application documents
  • Immediate deployment on the required work activities
  • Extended trial phase
  • No employer risk (in the "trial phase")